Indian Idol 11 Himesh Reshammiya replaces Lee Anu Malik, confirming Singer said - My responsibility has doubled

Indian Idol 11  Himesh Reshammiya replaces Lee Anu Malik, confirming Singer said - My responsibility has doubled

Tv desk.  Singer and music composer Himesh Reshammiya will be the new judge of 'Indian Idol 11'.

He will be seen in the show replacing Anu Malik.  Significantly, Anu Malik, who was seen as a judge along with Neha Kakkar and Vishal Dadlani, was dropped from the show last month due to allegations of #MeToo.  Himesh has confirmed his entry in 'Indian Idol' in a conversation.

 My responsibility has been doubled: Himesh

 Himesh said I was a part of 'Superstar Singer' and now my journey will continue with 'Indian Idol'. It is not only the longest reality show in India but one of the most iconic shows. I am in its judge panel  I am very happy to join.

 My responsibility has increased two-fold. I have been following this season since the beginning and have seen many phenomenal singers moving forward, which has certainly created a ripple in the music industry.  Will. "

 Anu Malik was out of the show in November

 In October last year, when Anu Malik was judging the 10th season of 'Indian Idol',
 several women, including singers Sona Mahapatra,

Neha Bhasin and Shweta Pandit accused him of sexual exploitation.  He was then removed from the show.

  However, in the 11th season, he was once again brought up as a judge, which was constantly opposed by Sona, Neha, and Shweta through social media.  When the National Commission for Women took cognizance of the matter and sought an explanation from Sony TV, Malik was quickly thrown out of the show.

dhanu Rashi 2019:

dhanu Rashi 2019:

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Positive - You can get support from a spouse, but it will be better for him to maintain good relations.  There is a possibility of getting a good profit from a business point of view.  So if you are associated with the work business then try to give it a better direction.  There is a possibility of getting good success related to any task you are doing.


 Negative - Some people may have separated from their families.  Apart from this, you will not be able to give more time to your family due to being busy in your work area and giving more time to other aspects of life, which will be missed by your family members.

 Love - Can offer to roam somewhere.  Only then will your love grow and along with love all kinds of feelings of cooperation can arise.  There can also be cooperation with each other's functioning.

 Business - Due to favorable conditions of the houses, financial benefits, and job growth are becoming possible.  The business will run well and success in works will result in profit.

 Health - Your spouse's health may also worsen due to deteriorating health.
 Lucky Color: Golden, Lucky Score: 3

Card - The Chariot

Do not take any work so seriously that it becomes a burden.  There can be a feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction in the mind due to worry about something.

Despite the circumstances, do not keep yourself stable and restrained.  This is only a phase that will pass soon.  Share your problem with a friend or loved one.  Grief is lessened by sharing.  Pay attention to what is good in your life.  Do not keep anything in your mind.  If someone feels bad about something, then express it to him, do not burden your mind.

SSC CGL Result 2017: Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

SSC CGL Result 2017: Staff Selection Commission (SSC) on Friday declared the final result of Combined Graduate Level Recruitment 2017 (CGL).


  From this recruitment, 8120 candidates have been selected for 32 types of posts with graduate educational qualification in the ministries and departments of the Central Government.

 The Commission has released three lists of selected candidates.  The first list has the names of 599 candidates selected for Assistant Audit Officer, while the second list has the names of 50 candidates selected for Assistant Statistics Officer.  At the same time, in the third list, except for these two posts, there are 7471 candidates selected for the remaining 30 types of posts.

 The recruitment was pending for two years due to a petition filed in the Supreme Court regarding the paper leak and a CBI inquiry on the direction of the court.

  After the removal of the ban from the Supreme Court, on 9 May 2019, the result of the third stage written examination of this recruitment, which was held on 8 July 2018, was announced.  35,990 candidates from all over the country were successful in the written examination,

  Those whose skill test was conducted between 16 June and 31 July.  After the assessment of the skill test was completed, the commission announced the final result on Friday evening.  With this, the wait for the results that had been going on for two years ended.

SSC CGL Result 2017
SSC Result 2017
SSC cgl Result 

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Movie review

marjaavaan review marjaavaan movie:

marjaavaan reviewmarjaavaan movieMovie Review Marjaavaan

In the movie review  Ishq, the spirit of Rooh's success and larger than life cinema's claim is 'Marjawan'

Rating 2.5 / 5 StarCasterites Deshmukh,

 Siddharth Malhotra, Tara
 Sutriyanardeshkamilap JhaveriNirmanatanikhil Advani,
  Divya Khosla Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, Krishna Kumaramusikayo Yo Honey Singh, Tanishq Bagchi, 
  Payal Dev, 
  Prashant Pillai,
  Meet BrothersJonarromantic Action Duration 136 minutes

Bollywood desk. Director Milap Milan Jhaveri's 'Marjawan' carries a love story on the action shoulder.  On the one hand, there is the story of gangster hero Raghu, the dumb heroine Zoya and Pyar Tawaf Arju, while on the other hand there is a pull of bonding and strength between the tanker mafia Anna and her three-footed son Vishnu.  Vishnu's rivalry is also from Raghu, who is Anna's faceless son.

 Such is the story of Marjawan

 The help of the hero in the Mahabharata of love and strength is also his friend like Hanuman, the ruler of Ramayana.  Their religion is different, but the motive is one.  Zoya is present to make the life of hero Raghu.  But Vishnu is also to spoil his good fortune.  The heroine is killed, then what is the outcome of Raghu for the flames of interim in the heart, the film is on him.

 The story is set in a chawl in Mumbai.  There the leaf does not move without Anna and later Vishnu's will.  Raghu's nature is not even in his blood.  In that case, also, it is transformed into a mahagatha in exchange for Raghu and Vishnu.  All the other characters of Basti are seen going in the same direction.

 Siddharth Malhotra's hard work as Raghu is visible.  Fire, water, air, land, sky have all been activated in them.  His track record for bringing face expressions has been weak.  Milap Jhaveri has taken his remedy from the wide camera angle and the rest of the tip.  Villain Nasser has become the stalwart of Anna South.

 Tara Sutaria's screen presence in Zoya's role is strong.  They have also caught the sign language completely.  Razu Bunny Rakul Preet has done his work.  After 'Ek Villain', Mahfil is again robbed by Ritesh Deshmukh.  He has given height to Vishnu's bastardism.  In the dialogues, while rhyming, he has overshadowed Siddharth Malhotra.

 Milap kept saying clearly in his interviews that it is a masala film.  There is a plethora of action and emotion, but they have failed to string them into the 'rosary' of the story as a 'pearl'.  The melodrama has become so much in the mood of the film, not even in the serials of the daily soap.  From 'I will beat, I will survive to be born again' to 'I will not change, I will take life' and the context of the use of Salman Khan's song does not leave any impact.

 That is because in this case the benchmark Rajat Arora Arsapale has already set 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai' and 'The Dirty Picture'.  There has been a lot of question and action on the front that audiences have already gained a lot in 'Ghajini'.  There is nothing like being able to die or die on the test of that revenge drama.  This story of revenge does not digest being so predictable.  Yes, the work on song and music from Zubin Nautiyal, Tanishq Bagchi and Nora Fatehi have been done well.

Guru Nanak Jayanti 2019 Date:

Guru Nanak Jayanti 2019 Date
Guru Nanak Jayanti
Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Some of the ideas of Guru Nanak Dev, which are the lessons of a happy and successful life
Guru Nanak Jayanti

 Nov 12, 2019,

 Life Mantra Desk.  Karthik Purnima, the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, is on Tuesday, November 12.  According to the Hindi calendar, Gurunanak Dev was born on Kartik Purnima in 1515 and Gurunanak was born in 1469 according to the English calendar.
 Guru Nanak Jayanti images

 In Sikhism, this day is celebrated as Prakash Parv.  Gurunanak has given the sources of a happy and successful life in his thoughts.

 Gurunanak gave the message of Kirt, chant Naam, wand Chieko.  We should chant, work hard and share food.  Know here some ideas of Guru Nanak Dev that can end your many troubles…

 No human should be under the illusion that he can cross Bhavasagar without a Guru.

 We should speak the same words from which we are respected.

 This life is full of troubles, the person who believes in himself is called the winner.

 Keep in mind that under no circumstances, the rights of others should be taken away.

 True religion is the one who considers all people equal and respects all.

 Never have arrogance, because arrogance does not allow a human being to be a human being.

 God is one, but has many forms.  God creates all and he himself takes the form of human beings.

 A person who does not trust himself can never believe in God either.

 The one who gives money a place in the heart always has a loss.

 Those who are always in love with others are among those who have found God.

 550 birth year of guru nanakGurunanak dev 550 prakash parv Guru Nanak Jayanti 2019 Date

insurance of car: insurance for car

insurance of car: insurance for car

Basic personal auto insurance is compulsory by most states and provides you with some financial protection in the event of an accident.  But is this enough?  what are the options?  Learn how car insurance works and what type of coverage is car compare

  Understanding Auto Insurance - The Basics
  Auto insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company that protects you from financial loss in the event of an accident or theft.  In return for paying your premium, the insurance company agrees to pay your loss as stated in your policy.

  Provides coverage for auto insurance:

  Property - such as damage or theft of your car

  l.iability Your legal responsibility to others for bodily injury or property damage
  Medical - Cost of treatment of injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes wages and funeral expenses

 b.asic personal auto insurance is mandated by most US states, and laws vary.  Auto insurance coverage is priced individually (a la carte) so that you can customize the amount of coverage to suit your exact needs and budget.

  Policies are usually issued for a time frame of six months or a year and are renewable.  The insurance company sends a notice when it comes time to renew the policy and pay your premium.

  Wh is.covered by my auto insurance - and under what circumstances?

  Your auto policy will cover you and other family members on your policy, whether it is driving your car or someone else's car (with their permission).  If your policy is not on your policy then your policy is driving your car with your consent.

  Your personal auto policy only includes personal driving, whether you are starting work, driving or traveling.  It will not provide coverage if you use your car for commercial purposes - for example, if you distribute pizza.

  Personal auto insurance also will not provide coverage if you use your car to provide transportation to others through a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft.  H.owever some auto insurers are now offering supplemental insurance products (at an additional cost) that extend coverage for vehicle owners providing ride-sharing services.

  Is auto insurance coverage mandatory?
  Auto insurance requirements vary from one state to another.  If you are financing the car, your lender may also have its own requirements.  Almost every state requires car owners to carry:

  Physical injury liability - which covers the costs associated with injuries or death that you or another driver incurs while driving your car.

  Property damage liability - which reimburses others for damage that is caused to you or any other vehicle or other property driving your vehicle, such as a fence, building or utility pole.
  Additionally, many states require you to carry:

  Medical Payment or Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which provides reimbursement of medical expenses for injuries to you or your passengers.It w.ill also cover lost wages and other related expenses.

  When an accident does not happen to the auto driver, who is not auto insurance or in case of a hit-and-run, then you can be banned.  You can also buy under the insured motorist coverage, which will be incurred when another driver lacks sufficient coverage to pay for the costs of a serious accident.

  Even if PIP and unlicensed motorist coverage are optional in your state, consider adding them to your policy for greater financial security.

  What other types of auto insurance coverage are specific?

  While most basic, legally mandated auto insurance covers the damage to your car, it does not harm your own car.  To cover your own car, you should consider these alternative coverage:

  When you result in a collision with another vehicle or other object, the collision hits you with a tree or railing for damage to your car - when you are at fault.While.collision coverage will not reimburse you for mechanical failure or normal wear-and-tear on your car,

it will cover damage from pits or from rolling your car.

  Extensively provides coverage against theft and damage due to an event such as collision, fire, flood, vandalism, hail, falling rocks or trees and other hazards - even from being hit by an asteroid!

  g.lass coverage provides coverage from windshield damage, which is common.
Some auto policies include glass coverage without reductions, including side windows, rear windows, and glass sunroofs.  Or you can buy complementary glass coverage.

  What is interval insurance and do I need it?

  Collisions and sweeping only cover the market value of your car, not what you paid for it - and new cars depreciate quickly.

 If your car is completely stolen or stolen, there may be a "gap" between what is owed on the vehicle and your insurance coverage.  To cover this, you can buy differential insurance to pay the difference.  Note that for leased vehicles, differential coverage is typically rolled into your lease payments.

Glenn maxwell health Australia star all-rounder to take a break from cricket

Glenn maxwell health Australia star all-rounder to take a break from cricket

Australia Glenn Maxwell complains of mental problem, will stay away from cricket for a few days

  • Maxwell scored 62 off 28 balls in the first T20 against Sri Lanka.

  •  He was replaced by D'Arcy Short for the last T20 squad.

 Game desk.  Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell has briefly taken a break from cricket.  He made this decision given mental health problems.  Maxwell scored 62 off 28 balls in the first three T20s against Sri Lanka.  With the help of his innings, the Australian team won by 134 runs.  D'Arcy Short was included in the squad for the last match against Sri Lanka in place of Maxwell.

 AU quoted Cricket Australia psychologist Dr. Michael Lloyd as saying, "Maxwell is experiencing some mental health difficulties. For this reason, he will be away from cricket for a few days."

 Maxwell will get full support from the board: Cricket Australia

 Cricket Australia Executive General Manager Ben Oliver said, "Maxwell will get full support from the board.  The well-being of our players and employees is paramount.  They have our full support. ”Maxwell scored 339 in 7 Tests, 2877 in 110 ODIs and 1576 in 61 T20s.  He has a century in Tests and ODIs.  Maxwell played three centuries in the T20s.

 'The board will work with Maxwell's home team Victoria'

 Cricket Australia said. The board will work with Maxwell's home team Victoria so that they can make a comeback according to their mind.  He is a special player and an important part of the Australian cricket family. We hope to see him back on the team during the summer. '

 Will Bukowski, 21, also took a break from cricket

 Before Maxwell, young cricketer Will Bukowski also decided to stay away from cricket due to mental problems.  He made this decision during the Test series against Sri Lanka last year.  On 21 years, Will returns now to play for Australia-A in a three-day warm-up match for Pakistan from 11 November.  He played a century in domestic cricket this month while playing for Victoria.

Glenn maxwell health Australia star all-rounder to take a break from cricket