Request / 'Saaho' director Sujit wrote an emotional post, urging viewers to watch the film again ~ Ikhabrinews

Request / 'Saaho' director Sujit wrote an emotional post, urging viewers to watch the film again

Request / 'Saaho' director Sujit wrote an emotional post, urging viewers to watch the film again.

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Sep 04, 2019,


Bollywood desk Sujit Singh, director  the recently released film 'Saaho', has shared an emotional post on Instagram and appealed to the audience to watch the film again.  He has shared his filmmaking journey in the post and has also explained why viewers should watch the film again. 

 Srote I made the first short film when I was 17 years old. There was no money, no team, but there was a lot of support from Orkut and the family. I shot, directed and 

edited 90 percent of the short film.  Was. "'I have learned from mistakes'

Sujit further wrote, "I have learned from my mistakes. Criticism has always been like an extra boost in my journey. I have traveled a long way and faced many hurdles. But never gave up. Today many people '  Saw 'Saaho. Some expected more, but many liked it. Thanks, everyone for watching the film. If you missed something, check it out again. I'm sure you have more fun  Will. "

Good earnings despite poor reviews
Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor starrer released on Friday (30 August), the film received very poor reviews.  Despite this, the box office is earning well.  In the first five days, its collection has been around Rs 350 crore worldwide.  Trade analyst Ramesh Bala wrote in his tweet, "Towards becoming India's biggest blockbuster. Prabhas's 'Saaho' grossed Rs 350 crore worldwide in 5 days."

According to the tweet by trade analyst Taran Adarsh, the Hindi version of the film has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark at the domestic box office in 5 days.  According to him, the film has collected Rs 24.40 crore on Friday, Rs 25.20 crore on Saturday, Rs 29.48 crore on Sunday, Rs 14.20 crore on Monday and Rs 9.10 crore on Tuesday.  The total collection of the Hindi version in India has been Rs 102.38 crores.

Request / 'Saaho' director Sujit 

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Viewers were disappointed to see 'Saaho' carrying the voice of 'Bahubali' in Inside Report / Mind


Sep 4 2019

Bollywood desk.  'Bahubali' fame Prabhas' mega buzz film 'Saaho' is in the news due to the relatively low earnings.  Mouth publicity of the film is also very bad.  

Especially the Hindi accent of Prabhas is the target of critics.  It is believed that the audience went to see 'Saaho' with their dubbed voice in 'Bahubali'.  Sharad Kelkar and Kamal Ahmed have now come under the defense of the criticism about their accent.  Sharad had dubbed Prabhas' voice in 'Bahubali', while Kamal Ahmed had been Prabhas's dictionary coach in 'Saaho'.

I worked hard on Hindi: Prabhas
Prabhas says, "I worked hard on Hindi. It was not very difficult to learn, but, indeed, Hindi is not my first language. I can write and read Hindi, but we do not speak Hindi at home. Consequently, I did a lot of homework before going to the shoot. 

Dialogue classes were also conducted. The first schedule had challenges, but the second schedule made things easier. Dialax on set  Coaches used to live together. They got acquainted with many nuances. Confident that will occur next and how smooth my Hindi.
What is shared and awesome say
The voice of 'Bahubali' was in the mind
I have not seen the film but heard his voice in the trailer.  I cannot judge them by that.  I think people watching this film must have taken the same voice of Prabhas in their mind which they heard in 'Bahubali'.  Prabhas had no voice in his mind.  In such a situation, when he heard Prabhas's original

 voice in 'Saaho', he knocked him out.  In the olden days, when actresses came with their voices instead of dubbing artists, people felt strange.  It abounds.  I also felt a little strange, but it did not.  Because I know him personally.  I know that they talk in this accent.  Prabhas will have to pour a little more effort.
Sharad Kelkar

The effect of mother tongue is visible
Prabhas lived in Telangana since childhood.  So the impact of the mother tongue was to be seen in the accent of Hindi.  To date, South actresses like Hema Malini have that tone in their voice.  Since she has been working for so many days, the audience has become accustomed to it.  

There is no nasal accent in Marathi, they do not speak 'are'.  They have been saying 'Hai'.  Such Telangana people reduce the pronunciation of 'ha'.  Prabhas is hardworking and will soon overcome the flaws in his accent.

Kamal Ahmed
Why getting criticism
Prabhas's South Indian accent dominated his Hindi during dialogue delivery.
Along with this, while speaking the dialog, 

his face expression mismatched from the dialogue.
Marketing strategy backfires

According to Prabhas's close acquaintances, he purposely called Hindi in Saaho, so that he could be established in Bollywood with his original voice.  At the same time, it is being said that before marketing, it should not have been beaten before the release that Prabhas has the original voice in the film.  This strategy backfired.  Had that matter been silent, it might not have created so much chaos.

These artists also made changes in voice
Viewers have been very enthusiastic about the personality and voice of their favorite stars.  Even before, there were many occasions when he did not accept the style instead of the stars.
Amitabh Bachchan
When 'Agneepath' changed its voice, people did not accept them.  A different version of the film was later released.

Mithun Chakraborty
In 'Fight', Mithun changed his voice for the middle-aged character.  He was also rejected outright by the audience.
Kishore Kumar

The voice for 'Pyar Kiya Jae' was changed to comedy.

Sanjeev Kumar
'Sholay' had dubbing to London to make the voice more weighty.

Apart from this, Ayushman Khurana will soon be seen making the voice of the girl in the movie 'Dream Girl'.  Expectations are high from them.

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