Movie review / Raised a very important topic, but due to a pendulum-like story 'Chichhore' ~ Ikhabrinews

Movie review / Raised a very important topic, but due to a pendulum-like story 'Chichhore'

Movie review / Raised a very important topic, but due to a pendulum-like story, 'Chichhore'

Movie review / Raised a very important topic, but due to a pendulum-like story, 'Chichhore' dropped from being a strong film

  • Rating 3.5 / 5 Starcast: Sushant Singh Rajput, Shraddha Kapoor,

  •  Varun Sharma, Tahir Raj Bhasin,

  • Prateek Babbar, Tusshar Pandey,

  • Naveen and Nilanishdeesh Kankanesh Tiwari

  •  Sajid Nadiadwala

Movie review / Raised a very important topic, but due to a pendulum-like story 'Chichhore'

JohnCromedy-DramasMangitPritam Chakravarti Duration 148 minutes

 Nitesh Tiwari's film 'Chhichhore', which has been starring in films like Bollywood Des. Dangal, Chillar Party and Bhootnath Return, raises a very important topic.  The attempt to present it in an effective manner has also been completed. It is definitely trying to get into the mind, but it keeps on touching the heart.

 Made the story a pendulum

 The subject of Chichore is mainly the resulting pressure on the college students Kedimag.  How to handle the pressures, this is shown in the film.  Apart from this, an attempt has been made to delve deeper into what friendship really is.  The film moves between these two topics like a pendulum.

 Such is the story of the film

 The film begins with Gaurav, son of the protagonist Anirudh Pathak alias Anni.  Gaurav is preparing for engineering.  His father has been a topper in his time.  Her mother has also been a topper.  Gaurav wants to be a topper like his parents.  He accepts nothing less than that.  If the result is not according to his mind, he takes a big step.  The film grows further with this.

 It is tried to tell that everyone is planning what to do in life, if successful, but how to deal with failure, if not successful,

it should also be planned.  For this, the story of the protagonist Anni goes in a flashback.  At the age of 92, he is enrolled in the best engineering college in the country.  But there he finds room in the Hostel Four, allotted to the college losers.

 He has a close friendship with Saxa, Bewda, Mummy, Acid, and Derek.  College cream kids live in Hostel Three.  In front of Raggi and her platoon, the protagonist Anni and her friends are almost losers. How they surprise everyone through the loser school event is also about the film. In the meantime,

 the track of the story of love with Maya, the most beautiful girl in college, is also running.  Has been.  Nitesh Tiwari has also been well versed with artisans in showing how deep the friendship formed in hostel life.

 Strong performance by artists

 The platoon of friends of Sushant Singh Rajput is Varun Sharma, Tusshar Pandey, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Saras Shukla, and Naveen Polisetti.  Varun is in the role of SEXA.  Tusshar has become a mother.  Tahir plays Derek.  Saras plays the role of Nevada and Naveen Acid. The female lead is Shraddha Kapoor.  Shockingly,

the role of Raggi is Prateik Babbar.  The role of the teen artist in Raghav's role has also become good.  Everyone else has also done a great job in terms of acting. After leaving the hostel life, it also travels in the life of people who are stuck in the job after years.  All the actors have done justice to their characters in two different time periods.

 The makeup man and the team of the costume department have also done excellent work in this regard.  The aged characters are shown well in that get-up.  The shortage was mostly in the writing of the film.  What the film starts with,

 it does not go deep into it.  The writing team becomes weak in this post.  She gets entangled in showing the bonding of the fun and friendship of hostel life somewhere.

 Going to an engineering college, instead of engineering, it becomes a soap opera to better oneself through sports. If the film was to explore that part more, it would surely have been an extension of 3 idiots on the ground.  It is a good initiative, but it stops being a cult.  In terms of song music,

this is an average offering of Pritam and Amitabh Bhattacharya's Jugalbandi.  Writers are also not able to stylish why and how the dispute between Nayanayak and the heroine took place, while both continue to blame themselves throughout the film.

Movie review / Raised a very important topic, but due

Movie review / Raised a very important topic, but due 
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