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upcoming Prithviraj Chauhan Rani Sanyogita

upcoming Prithviraj Chauhan Rani Sanyogita

upcoming former. Miss World Manushi Chillar's name fixed in upcoming / Prithviraj Chauhan, will play Rani Sanyogita


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 Sep 01, 2019,

 Bollywood desk.  The casting of director Chandraprakash Dwivedi's upcoming film Prithviraj Chauhan has almost been decided.  In the film, Akshay will play the role of Prithviraj and the main villain will be seen in the role of Mohammad Gauri as Manav Vij.  This film will show the might of Prithviraj Chauhan.  But the greater part will also be the love story of Prithviraj and Princess Sanyogita of Kanauj, which is mentioned by Chauhan's friend and poet Chand Bardai in his epic Prithviraj Raso.  According to sources, Miss World Manushi Chillar has been cast for the role of Sanyogita.

 Prithviraj's two queens will be seen in the film

 If history is to be believed, Prithviraj had 4 queens.  But only two will be shown in the film.  The leading queen will be Sanyogita.  A TV actress will be cast for the role of the second queen, only 4-5 scenes will be cast in the film.  The film will be shot in Rajasthan and some other states of North India.

 Interesting is the love story of Prithviraj-Sanyogita

 The love story of Sanyogita and Prithviraj is quite interesting.  Sanyogita listens to the story of Prithviraj's courage and valor.  But his father does not like Jaychand Chauhan.  Jayachand does not invite Prithviraj, the swayamvara of Sanyogita, to degrade Prithviraj, but makes his effigy and stands at the main gate as a concierge.  However, Sanyogita, wearing the same effigy as a garland, accepts Prithviraj as her husband.

upcoming former. Miss World Manushi Chillar's name fixed in upcoming / Prithviraj Chauhan, will play Rani Sanyogita

upcoming Prithviraj Chauhan Rani Sanyogita

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Report / No impact of the recession on Bollywood, digital platforms are also making big money with cinemas

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 Amit Karna / Bollywood Desk.  While the automobile, FMCG and other sectors in the country are reeling under recession, Bollywood is still unaffected by the recession.  The figures are confirmed by this.  Since January, about ten films have joined the 100 crore club.  Digital platforms have acquired rights to over 40 books.  Web shows are being made on them.  Of these 80 percent, Siddharth Jain alone has got his company 'The Story Inc.' to deal with the digital platform.

 84 lakh tickets for the Hindi version of 'Saaho' on the first day

 Trade pundits report a series of ineffective Bollywood recessions.  They call for advance booking of tickets.  He says.On the opening day itself, 84 lakh tickets for the Hindi version of 'Saaho' were booked in advance. Even after getting a weak reaction, people flocked to see it. On the very first day of 'Mission Mangal', twenty-five million tickets were booked.India.had booked 1.5 crores on the opening day of the film.Kesari.and "Kabir Singh" had over 45 lakh tickets booked on opening day.

 The history that Kabir Singh created by collecting 276 crores with these figures is well known.  Even during the recession, 'Mission Mangal' had done more than 175 crores business.  'Batla House' is also fast approaching to earn 100 crores. "

 Trade pundit says, “During Uri, there was a different passion among the common people.  While traveling on the local train, those looking on the mobile phone were taken in the back.  It was clearly said that go to the cinema and look.  Alam was that the film was in theaters for several months.  Set new collection records.  It released 244 crores, releasing on just 1700 screens. "

 'People watch movies both happily and sadly'

 Shariq Patel, CEO of Zee Entertainment Enterprises, says, "The reason for Bollywood being ineffective is that people go to the movies in happiness and they resort to entertainment to forget the sorrow. The figures are witness to this. The recession of 2008.  Despite that 'Ghajini' was India's first one hundred million club film. Hrithik's 'Kites' was then bought by a corporate studio for 150 crores. "

 'Cinema takes away from concerns and challenges'

 Milap Zaveri, director of 'Satyamev Jayate', which collected over 80 million last year, says, "Cinema takes people away from their lives. They forget their worries, challenges while watching cinema with popcorn in their hands."

 Nora Fatehi, Akshaye Khanna also expressed their independence

 Dancer and actress Nora Fatehi say, "The business of films is not going to be affected. That's because there is a lot of investment in it. The rest of the business people are investing a lot in it."  Akshay Khanna, who has been active in the industry for years, is also convinced that the slowdown in the industry is not going to spoil anything.

 Benefit from competition

 The biggest advantage of films is the mutual competition of digital platforms.  They are betting big on getting big and credible movies.  Their network is also abroad.  Due to the positive response received from there, now Hindi films are also being released in more than 60 countries.

 Alerted Producers

 People associated with cine chains like PVR, Carnival, and exhibitors say, "Corporate studios and producers have been alerted.  They are avoiding the extravagance of promotion.  They are focusing on small budget credible films.  For example, Salman himself is keeping the budget of his films of 70 to 80 crores.  So that there is no problem in recovery.  Akshay is also following Salman's rut.  He kept the budget of 'Mission Mangal' to 32 crores only. "


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