dhanu Rashi 2019: ~ Ikhabrinews

dhanu Rashi 2019:

dhanu Rashi 2019:

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Positive - You can get support from a spouse, but it will be better for him to maintain good relations.  There is a possibility of getting a good profit from a business point of view.  So if you are associated with the work business then try to give it a better direction.  There is a possibility of getting good success related to any task you are doing.


 Negative - Some people may have separated from their families.  Apart from this, you will not be able to give more time to your family due to being busy in your work area and giving more time to other aspects of life, which will be missed by your family members.

 Love - Can offer to roam somewhere.  Only then will your love grow and along with love all kinds of feelings of cooperation can arise.  There can also be cooperation with each other's functioning.

 Business - Due to favorable conditions of the houses, financial benefits, and job growth are becoming possible.  The business will run well and success in works will result in profit.

 Health - Your spouse's health may also worsen due to deteriorating health.
 Lucky Color: Golden, Lucky Score: 3

Card - The Chariot

Do not take any work so seriously that it becomes a burden.  There can be a feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction in the mind due to worry about something.

Despite the circumstances, do not keep yourself stable and restrained.  This is only a phase that will pass soon.  Share your problem with a friend or loved one.  Grief is lessened by sharing.  Pay attention to what is good in your life.  Do not keep anything in your mind.  If someone feels bad about something, then express it to him, do not burden your mind.
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