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marjaavaan review marjaavaan movie:

marjaavaan reviewmarjaavaan movieMovie Review Marjaavaan

In the movie review  Ishq, the spirit of Rooh's success and larger than life cinema's claim is 'Marjawan'

Rating 2.5 / 5 StarCasterites Deshmukh,

 Siddharth Malhotra, Tara
 Sutriyanardeshkamilap JhaveriNirmanatanikhil Advani,
  Divya Khosla Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, Krishna Kumaramusikayo Yo Honey Singh, Tanishq Bagchi, 
  Payal Dev, 
  Prashant Pillai,
  Meet BrothersJonarromantic Action Duration 136 minutes

Bollywood desk. Director Milap Milan Jhaveri's 'Marjawan' carries a love story on the action shoulder.  On the one hand, there is the story of gangster hero Raghu, the dumb heroine Zoya and Pyar Tawaf Arju, while on the other hand there is a pull of bonding and strength between the tanker mafia Anna and her three-footed son Vishnu.  Vishnu's rivalry is also from Raghu, who is Anna's faceless son.

 Such is the story of Marjawan

 The help of the hero in the Mahabharata of love and strength is also his friend like Hanuman, the ruler of Ramayana.  Their religion is different, but the motive is one.  Zoya is present to make the life of hero Raghu.  But Vishnu is also to spoil his good fortune.  The heroine is killed, then what is the outcome of Raghu for the flames of interim in the heart, the film is on him.

 The story is set in a chawl in Mumbai.  There the leaf does not move without Anna and later Vishnu's will.  Raghu's nature is not even in his blood.  In that case, also, it is transformed into a mahagatha in exchange for Raghu and Vishnu.  All the other characters of Basti are seen going in the same direction.

 Siddharth Malhotra's hard work as Raghu is visible.  Fire, water, air, land, sky have all been activated in them.  His track record for bringing face expressions has been weak.  Milap Jhaveri has taken his remedy from the wide camera angle and the rest of the tip.  Villain Nasser has become the stalwart of Anna South.

 Tara Sutaria's screen presence in Zoya's role is strong.  They have also caught the sign language completely.  Razu Bunny Rakul Preet has done his work.  After 'Ek Villain', Mahfil is again robbed by Ritesh Deshmukh.  He has given height to Vishnu's bastardism.  In the dialogues, while rhyming, he has overshadowed Siddharth Malhotra.

 Milap kept saying clearly in his interviews that it is a masala film.  There is a plethora of action and emotion, but they have failed to string them into the 'rosary' of the story as a 'pearl'.  The melodrama has become so much in the mood of the film, not even in the serials of the daily soap.  From 'I will beat, I will survive to be born again' to 'I will not change, I will take life' and the context of the use of Salman Khan's song does not leave any impact.

 That is because in this case the benchmark Rajat Arora Arsapale has already set 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai' and 'The Dirty Picture'.  There has been a lot of question and action on the front that audiences have already gained a lot in 'Ghajini'.  There is nothing like being able to die or die on the test of that revenge drama.  This story of revenge does not digest being so predictable.  Yes, the work on song and music from Zubin Nautiyal, Tanishq Bagchi and Nora Fatehi have been done well.
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