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CES 2020 recap biggest technology show These 16 products received headlines, FULL information

CES 2020 recap  biggest technology show

These 16 products received headlines, tattoo making gadgets at 

Gadget desk
The world's largest technology fair,
 ie the Consumer Electronics Show
 (CES 2020), ended. 

 The show, held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10, showcased some technology this time, which surprised people. 

 These include a laptop with a foldable screen, a water-powered electric bike, no keyboard typing technology, an air cleaner air mask,

 a touchscreen microwave with gadgets and technology to make people with disabilities self-sufficient.

  We are telling about the best product and technology of the four days of the event.

 Tattoo Printer Prinker: The pain during the making of the tattoo will now end the prinker.  Prinker is a printer specifically designed for tattoos. 

 This printer just has to give commands from the app and the design appearing on the app will be printed on your body.  Customers will not have to spend big bucks for this.  In this

 such ink will be used for tattoos, which will not last long on the body and will not cause any harm.  That is, you can apply a new broken body every time. 

 Its price is $ 270 (about 19,000 rupees).  About 1000 tattoos can be made from the ink it contains.

 Toothbrush Tech: Now your toothbrush is also hi-tech.  French company FASTIES introduced Y-Brush at the event.  Its special thing is that in just 10 seconds it will clean all your teeth.  That is, it will take only 10 seconds to clean teeth for 2-3 minutes.

  It has a large brush at the top which covers all the teeth simultaneously.  The paste has to be applied all over the brush. 
 After this it is stuck in the teeth.  Then it starts clinching as soon as the button is pressed.  It is priced at 109 euros (about 8,500 rupees).

 Matrix Juno Supercooler: Juno Company showcases cooling machines.  The special feature of this machine is that it cools the water in less than 1 minute. 

 It can also be called a micro refrigerator.  Actually, inside this machine there is a box in which the content is put in a bottle.

  In less than 1 minute it makes her cold or chilled.  It is the best machine for cold beer, cold coffee drinkers. 
 The company has started its pre-order.  Its price during pre-order is $ 199 (about 14,000 rupees).  Later it will be priced at $ 299 (about 21,500 rupees).  It may be released in the third quarter of the year.

 Segway S-Pod: Segway picked up the curtain from the S-Pod in the show at Ninebot.  It is a self-balancing chair with an egg-like shape.

  It is designed as a personal transporting pod.  The company says that it can be used in airports, theme parks and shopping malls.
  Apart from this healthy person, Divyang can also be used to roam in places like parks,
 airports and malls.  It is 40 km  Moves at a speed of  It has only two wheels, which itself makes its balance.

 Ladroller Wheel Chair: For people whose feet do not work, this chair is nothing short of a miracle. 

 The Ladroller Company presented its shape-changing wheel chair at the show which would prove to be extremely useful for the differently-abled. 

 While the traditional wheelchair is always in the sitting position, the user will be able to change shape as per their convenience in ladleroller.  It comes from the seating to the standing position in a few seconds. 

 It is also able to cross obstacles such as speed breakers, stairs.

 Prosthetic Hand: Think that no human should have hands, but it gets a similar hand that reacts by reading the mind. 

 The Brenco company has invented something similar.  It offered the final version of its prosthetic hand. 

 This AI powered prosthetic hand works through the signals of the user's brain waves and muscles, that is, it will work with the user's thinking.  With this, users will be able to easily do things like painting, 

writing and playing musical instruments.  The company said that it has received recognition from the Food and Drug Administration.  It will cost up to about 7 lakh rupees.

 Samsung Bailee Robot: South Korean company Samsung introduced a Bailey robot that looks like a ball at CES 2020. 

 Equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology, this robot will work like a security and fitness assistant. 

 It will be in touch with other smart devices in the home.  It will understand the user's feelings, support it and work according to the need.  It will also play with children and pets present at home.

 Intel Foldable Tablet: The show saw several innovations based on foldable technology.  Intel introduced a prototype model of the foldable tablet at the show. 

 The company has produced it on Horseshoe Band Concept.  It has a 17-inch OLED foldable display. 

 It is the largest foldable tab ever equipped with a 17 inch display.  This concept tab will be equipped with the company's Tiger mobile processor.  

The company said that its full display can be used by connecting the wireless keyboard.

 Samsung GEMS: Korean company Samsung also introduced workout glasses equipped with augmented reality. 

 The company named it GEMS which means Get Enhancing and Motivating System. 

 The company said in its demo that by wearing this AR glass, the user will be able to work out with the virtual personal trainer. 

 Also, with climbing mountains, you will be able to do many physical activities like walking under water. 

 It also gives feedback to the user after the workout.

 Lenevo Thinkbook Plus: Lenevo introduced its ThinkBook Plus laptop at the show. 

 Its specialty is that the upper surface of the laptop has a 10.8-inch secondary display.  The company has named it E-Ink Display. 

 In this, not only the user will be able to note the important things, but with reading the ebook, he can also read the calendar and notifications. 

 Its screen does not emit blue lights so it does not harm the eyes.  It can be used for up to 24 hours in e-ink display mode. 

 It will be equipped with 45W battery including Intel's 10th generation processor, 16 GB RAM.  It will cost up to Rs 1.40 lakh.

 Touchscreen Microwave: American appliance maker GE Appliance has launched a microwave at the Consumer Electronics Show. 

 This microwave has a 27-inch smart touchscreen.  The company has named it the Kitchen Hub. 

 It also comes with Artificial Antilises (AI) powered computer vision technology.  With its help, you can plan miles.

  In addition, it also provides tips to prevent food from being wasted.  Not only this, there is also the facility of watching Netflix on a 27-inch screen.  
There are cameras inside this microwave, which shows the cooking of food.

 Atmos Mask: Keeping in mind the increasing problem of pollution across the world,

 AO Air Company has come up with a special type of Atmos Mask.  Its initial price has been kept at US $ 350 (about 25 thousand rupees) and its shipping will start from July.

 Motion pillow: This company introduced snoring pillow.  It has four airbags and a sensor-based pressure monitoring system. 

 All these things connect with a plastic box, which has a microphone.  This microphone detects snoring. 

 Later, the sleep and snoring data is sent to the app.  The first version of this pillow is priced at $ 378 (about Rs 27,000).  Its updated model will be launched in April.  Which will cost 420 $ (about 30,000 rupees).

 Samsung Selfie Type: This is a virtual keyboard that will work on all types of flash surfaces. 

 The selfie type operates from the selfie camera of the user's smartphone. 

 The camera tracks the motion of the user's fingers. 

 That is, the way it is typed in the keyboard, it captures the movements of the fingers and types in real time.  This keyboard works on devices like smartphones, tablets.

 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold: Its screen can be folded.  The company says that it is also the world's first foldable PC. 

 After folding, it looks like a book or diary.  It has a 13.3-inch folding OLED display screen.  This laptop also comes with Bluetooth keyboard. 

 This keyboard is fixed in the fold screen.  It also has a lock / unlock button and volume rockers like the phone.  Plates of carbon fiber and mixed alloys have been used in making it. 

 Which makes it stronger.  It can be priced at $ 2,499 (Rs 1,79,466).

 Manta 5 Hydrofoiler XE-1: New Zealand company launched electric bike running on water.  It runs about 1 feet above the water surface.

  It has a handle, with the help of which it can be folded in water.  It has an electric motor,
 due to which it is easy to hit the paddle.  It has three riding modes of Low, Medium and High. 

 In low mode, the human needs more energy to paddle.  At the same time, machines and humans exert equal energy in the medium.

 Whereas, in high mode the energy of human seems to be low.  If its battery is discharged then it can be run with the help of paddle.

CES 2020 France-based company introduced e-bike,

CES 2020

 will charge 100km in 2.5 hours;  Bluetooth speedometer will also be available

Translative technology has been used in the speedometer, 

so that its visibility is better in the sun.

French company Colleen introduced the electric bike at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020. 

 Along with this lightweight, there is also a powerful bike.  Also, many safety features related to riding have also been given in it. 

 The company has started pre-booking of the bike. 

 For this, the user will have to spend 2000 Euro (about Rs 1,57,000).  It looks like a bicycle and weighs 19 kg.

 100km riding on a single charge

 This electric bike has a removable battery of 529 WH.  It gets full charge in 2.5 hours, after which it can be run for 100 kilometers.  This is a fully automatic bike. 

 It has an integrated high definition 3.2-inch display screen. 

 Whose resolution is 480 x 800 pixels.  It is completely waterproof and dustproof. 

 Translative technology has been used in it, so that its visibility is maintained even in sunlight.

  With the help of this Bluetooth, you can connect to the smartphone. 
 After connectivity, the details of the smartphone's battery, call and message are visible in it.

 Equipped with GPS tracker

 The company has also provided GPS tracker in it.  That is, when someone tries to steal your bike, then you can see its location on the smartphone. 

 It also has the feature of geolocation.  It also has an integrated USB port.

  Sensors have been given to increase the speed of the bike. 
CES 2020 85% water cleaning used by this filter, saving 75 thousand liters annually

 The company offers a 7-year warranty on this bike and a 2-year warranty on the electric components installed in it.

The Netherlands startup company HydraLoop has introduced a water filter at

 the Consumer Electronics Show -2020 that cleans the dirty water going out of your home. 

 The cleaned water can again be used in twilight, washing machines or in the garden.

 The company claims that it can make 85% of the water used in a house reused.  With this, 

a family of four members can save 75 thousand liters of water annually. 

 Its price is 4 thousand dollars (about 2.83 lakh rupees). 

 It was also awarded the Innovation of the Year during the show.

Kshitij Raj, Noida.  Special offers from automotive companies have surfaced at Las Vegas CES. 2020

 With these special things seen in the window of the future, it is decided that the style of driving is going to change completely in the future.  Know a few things ...

 Smart sun visor

 Technology is least visible in the SunWiser.  'Bosch' has changed the scene. 

 The company built this virtual visor from hexagonal LCD panels. 

 They remain transparent throughout but as soon as you order them, it becomes opaque to prevent sunlight. 

 A camera keeps an eye on your face the whole time and it only darkens the panels that light up your eyes. 

 While other panels remain transparent you can see more and more.

 Three cameras in rear-view mirror

 Aston Martin's sports cars can have many very special things.  Now the rear view mirror of this car is also worth seeing. 

 There are three cameras in this mirror.  All three show the back view.  There is only one main camera and the other two are the ones that track blind spots of the car.

  The sight of these three cameras makes the entire rear view of the car look like the front wind screen.  This is called 'full display mirror'. 

 Two cameras are in side mirrors and one camera is on the roof.  This display can also be used as an auto dimming mirror.

 Alexa will also be able to pay at the petrol pump

 It is very likely that by the end of this year, payments will be made to gas pumps in the US through Alexa.

 For this, the user only has to say 'Alexa, pay for gas'.  These transactions will be completed jointly with Amazon Pay and a digital commerce platform. 

 Currently, only 11,500 stations will be able to do so.  Although it may take longer to reach India, but it is almost certain that now the credit card will be discharged at the petrol pump.

 Will watch over you, talk to the driver

 Last year BMW introduced an interface under 'Natural Interaction' that used to open sunroofs or close windows to sense gestures. 

 Now the company is one step ahead.  There will also be no need to move the fingers in the new interface, 

only through gauge tracking will the car understand whether you are looking at a restaurant or a person sitting nearby. 

 The company also believes that when this interface is known, the car will be able to talk to the driver in a more comfortable and natural way.

 Fire tv

 Now Amazon has decided to bring Fire TV to the screen behind the seat.  It will be installed on BMW and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

  Stream content can also be viewed through an internet connection.

Ravi Sharma, Pune.  Recently, at CES 2020

 in Las Vegas, many lifestyle related products have been introduced. 

 These innovations caught the most attention…

 Smart deep sleep headband

 Philips' headband enhances sleep quality.  Sensors engaged in it detect when you are fast asleep. 

 When they realize that you are in deep sleep, it triggers the quiet audio tones to remain in deep sleep. 

 It constantly monitors your every movement. 

 When you wake up in the morning, you can see the facts related to sleep in its app on the smartphone.


 It is Kohler's most advanced and intelligent toilet. 

 The utility of water has been reduced in this new version. 

 Its Lightning feature can be paired with speakers to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. 

 Amazon Alexa is present, so that all its features can be controlled by speaking. 

 Many features have been enhanced in this.  Personalized cleansing, dryer functions have improved.  High quality built-in-speaker with heated seat is being given.

 Whistle fit

 Eventually Fitbit arrived for the dogs.  It is the dog wearables that focus on health, fitness and nutrition. 

 How much exercise should the dog do?  How much should I eat?  How much sleep will it take?

  The answer to these questions will be "Whistle Fit alt39. 
It contains data related to 3000 types of dog foods, it will tell how much food will be good for your dog based on the breed, weight, size and age of the dog. Regarding the exercise of the dog. 

 It will also give its opinion. If it goes to the weight, it will also give the necessary reports.

Today is the second day of CES 2020, the world's largest electronics show running in Las Vegas. 

 More than 4500 companies of the show have brought their amazing and innovative products.  Decorative items of the house have also been hitech by the companies. 

 Chinese company UBTech introduced humans like robot walker show.  This robot is quite intelligent with AI technology. 

 This will prepare drinks for the user and help in household chores.  At the show,

 Teslasoot introduced VR gloves that would track the user's pulse and also make it feel like touching and holding a virtual object.

 Keeping in mind the data safety, Samsung has introduced Port Harddisk which is equipped with fingerprint reader.  

This will allow access to data only after identifying the correct user.  

Faraday's electric supercar made a lot of headlines on the second day of the show. 

 The company introduced the Future FF 91 with thousand horsepower. 

 It will challenge the Tesla electric car in the market.  The show also saw the Demon Company unveil its first electric superbike.

 Lenevo lifted the curtain with his smart frame. 

 It is so sensible that it adjusts its light according to the light of the room and changes the pictures by hand gestures. 

 In the show, startup company Royle introduced its smart speaker, it will also show videos of the songs being narrated. 

 Startup company Picnic has introduced a pizza making robot, which can be used in low-staff hotel-restaurants. 

 It can prepare 300 pizzas in an hour.  In the show, AO Air Company has brought a special kind of Atmos mask which will protect against pollution.

 CES 2020: These innovations made headlines on day one

 Korean company Samsung introduced its AR Glass Gems.  After wearing it, the user will be able to take fitness training from the personal trainer, as well as other physical activity.

 Lenvo's ThinkBook Plus laptop made headlines during the show.  

Its specialty is that it has a 10.8-inch secondary display on the top, meaning that the user will be able to use it like a notepad.

 Huami first introduced the Amazefit T-Rex smartwatch designed for the difficult path and tuff sports activity. 

 It will not leave the user with the most difficult conditions

 Innovations in foldable technology in the show are making a lot of headlines.  

Intel introduced the tab with a 17-inch display, the largest foldable tablet ever.

 Uber has partnered with auto company Hyundai for mass production of its Flying Taxi.

 Taiwan tech company Asus unveiled the world's fastest gaming monitor, ASUS Rogue Swift, at the show.

 South Korean company Samsung introduced the new smart TV on the show including Person's Assistant Bailey Robot.

 Sony surprised people by introducing the concept electric car Vision-S.

 Segway Ninebot introduced a two-wheel selfie balancing chair.

Gadget desk.  The world's largest electronic show is in the final stages.  Most of the focus on the show was on robotics, 

artificial intelligence technology, but auto companies also introduced innovations that surprised everyone.  

Mercedes' concept car inspired by the Avatar movie, which was the center of attraction in the show, 

was surprised by the tech company Sony unveiling its first concept electric car Vision-S at the show. 

 These innovative vehicles presented at the show will not only control voice and eyes but will also communicate with the driver on the road.

 These innovative vehicles dominated CES

 Sony Electric Vision-S Car (Concept): The sensor will identify the person sitting in the car

 The company that produces TV and audio equipment surprised everyone at the show when the company introduced its electric car Vision-S on the show.  

Simultaneously, the company also entered the auto industry.  

These days, the company is working vigorously on segments like telecommunications, including artificial technology, quad technology.  

And Sony has used all these technologies in its car as well.  

The company left no stone unturned to make its first car a hitech.  

It is equipped with a total of 33 sensors such as ToF, CMOS imaging sensor and radar,

 which will not only identify the person sitting in the car but will also track things around. 

 The 4-seater car is powered by two electric motors of 200 kW capacity which power each axle. 

 Its strength can be gauged from the fact that it takes only 4.8 seconds to reach the speed of 100 km per hour.  The top speed of the car is 240 km per hour.

Damon electric bike: Charge 320 km in 3 hours

 Damon Motorcycle introduced the HyperSport Electric Superbike at the show.  It has received the CES 2020 Innovation Awards. 

 This electric bike has given many advanced features such as safety technology, unique ride-position system. 

 Its top speed is 320 kilometers per hour.  It takes less than 3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km.  This bike gets full charge in 3 hours with Level 2 charger. 

 On full charge, it will run more than 320 kilometers.  Damon has introduced it in 2 different versions. 

 The first is HyperSport HS and the second is HyperSport Premier.

  The Premier version features carbon fiber swingarms, Brembo brakes and Ohlin suspension. 
 Only 25 units of the Premier model will be produced.  

The company has started booking it.  For this, customers will have to pay $ 100 (about Rs. 7000) and for premiere for $ 1000 (about Rs. 70,000). 

 They will be delivered in mid-2021.  There are full HD resolution cameras on the front and back of the bike

 Whose preview appears on the screen.  It comes with 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity.

  The bike has an adjustable windshield.  Its height can be reduced or increased.

 Faraday Future FF91: 1050 horsepower electric car

 The second day of the show made the most headlines by Faraday's Future FF 91 electric car.

  It is an all electric supercar, unmatched in luxury and technology.  
Its cabin is quite luxurious with sofanuma seats at the back, which the user can adjust as per their convenience.  The electric motor in it generates a power of 1050 horsepower. 

 It takes just 2.3 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km per hour.  It is also seen as a competitor to the Tesla Model S.  

The Model S runs just 600 km in single charging, while the Faraday company says that the Future FF91 will run 650 km in single charging.

 Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR: Inspired by animated movie avatar or car

 At the show, luxury car maker company Mercedes unveiled its concept car vision AVTR.  

It is inspired by the animated movie Avatar.  The company has showcased this as a futuristic car. 

 Its specialty is that it has used organic batteries which have been made from recycled waste material.

  No steering wheel will be found in it.  It will be controlled through the center console.  It can also move sideways up to 30 degrees like a cackle.
  Keeping hands on the control unit, it will not only track the heart beat of the passenger but will also keep an eye on his breath.  
With the screen in it, parents will be able to keep an eye on their children at home.

 Bytone Mbyte: Works on gestures

 Byton, the Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles, introduced its all-electric car Mbite at the show.  

Although the company has already introduced this car at CES, but at CES 2020, the company announced that it will be launched in China this year.

  The interior of the car is quite futuristic but the special thing is that its dashboard has a 48-inch touchscreen display.  
It is equipped with a motion sensor, that is, it also works on the gestures of the user's fingers. 

 Not only can the video be streamed on the display, but it also gives the weather news moment by moment.

  In this, passengers sitting on the back seat will also get a TV-like screen.

 Audi AI: ME: Users will also be able to enjoy virtual reality in it

 Audi introduced the AI: ME concept electric vehicle at the show. 

 It is equipped with a variety of high-tech facilities.  It is able to understand the preferences of the passengers. 

 It offers VR glass which does not let passengers get bored during the journey.  With the help of touchscreen display, the user can also order his favorite food. 

 This car will not only talk to the driver but also interact with the pedestrians on the road.  It can be operated through voice and eye tracking feature.

CES 2020 These 5 innovations will make people with disabilities self-reliant,

common people will be able to do all the work

CES 2020  Diesel brand launches smartwatch with transparent strip,

will support Google Assistant

It has many features like harrett tracking, activity monitoring, 

music playback control
Its sales will start in March 2020 from the company's website and retail stores

Jan 2020,

At the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas, Fossil Watch's sub-brand Diesel launched the new smartwatch Fedlight.

It runs on the smartwatch ware operating system.  The special feature of this watch is that it comes with transparent design. 

Also, it has strips with multicolored funky look.  These watch have Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor and new graphics

Specifications of diesel fedlight smartwatch
It will work on the smartwatch ware operating system, which has been developed by Google.

It has been developed on the Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform of the Qualcomm company. 

The watch has a 43mm dial.  These four colors variants come in Red-Black, Black to Clear, Blue to Clear and All Clear. 

The crown of the watch is rotated.  It also has a button.  However, the company did not reveal whether its display is a touchscreen or not.

Fedlight is a waterproof watch.  It has many features such as harrett tracking, activity monitoring, music playback control.  

It also has a Google Assistant feature.  Additionally, it also supports Google Play Pay and Google Fit.

In this, Spotify Music App will be pre-installed.  It also supports fast charging.  It costs $ 275 (about 20,000 rupees).

Its sales will start from March 2020.  Customers will also be able to buy it from retail stores along with the company's website.

In addition to smart vehicles, smart home products,

fitness gadgets at the biggest electronic show CES 2020,

such gadgets were also made in the headlines which were specially made for the differently-abled.

In the show, many companies introduced many innovations including Smart Gloves, Autonomous Wheelchairs, Robotic Hands,

which will enable the Divyang to live like ordinary humans.

These five smart innovations will become the support of Divyang

Prosthetic Hands: This robotic hand will work by thinking

The Brenco company introduced the final version of its prosthetic hand at CES 2020.

This AI powered prosthetic hand works through the signals of the user's brain waves and muscles,

that is, it will work with the user's thinking.  With this, users will be able to easily do things like painting, writing and playing musical instruments. 

The company said that it has received recognition from the Food and Drug Administration.  

It will cost up to about 7 lakh rupees.
Ladroller: This wheelchair changes its shape

The Ladroller Company presented its shape-changing wheel chair at the show which would prove to be extremely useful for the differently-abled.

While the traditional wheelchair is always in the seating position, the user can change shape as per his convenience in the ladroller.

  It comes from the seating to the standing position in a few seconds.  It is also able to cross obstacles such as speed breakers, stairs.

Smart Gloves: Paralyzed people will also be able to play games
The neofact company introduced its smart gloves at the show.  This will help people overcome problems like stroke and paralysis. 

The user can play the game by connecting these gloves to the app.  It will help people recover from stroke by remotely connecting to the therapist.

Teslasoot VR Gloves: Keeping a close eye on health

Teslasoot introduced its VR Gloves on the show.  The company has named it Teslasoot Gloves.

This not only gives the user a feel of virtual texture but also collects biometric data.

Earlier the company had also made Teslasoot which was for the whole body.

Tesla Gloves training, medical rehabilitation will be used in many professional applications.  

Many technologies have been used in it, with the help of which gives the feeling of touching and holding things.

It captures hand motion as well as gathers biometric information including pulse.
S-Pod: This two wheel chair makes balance itself

The show at the Segway Ninebot lifted the curtain from S-Pod.  It is a self-balancing chair with an egg-like shape. 

It is designed as a personal transporting pod.  The company says that it can be used in airports, theme parks and shopping malls.

Apart from this healthy person, Divyang can also be used to roam in places like parks, airports and malls. 

 It is 40 km  Moves at a speed of  It has only two wheels, which itself makes its balance.

CES 2020  Lenovo Launches World's First Foldable Laptop ThinkPad X1, 

With Bluetooth Keyboard
It can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Plates of carbur fiber have been used to make it.

Lenovo has launched the ThinkPad X1 fold at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) that began in Las Vegas.

It is a device similar to a large tablet or laptop.  The special thing is that its screen can be folded.  The company says that it is also the world's first foldable PC.

After folding, it looks like a book or diary.  Which can also be carried easily. 

 It can be priced at $ 2,499 (Rs 1,79,466).  Its sales can start in the second half of this year.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Specification
It has a 13.3-inch folding OLED display screen.  This laptop also comes with Bluetooth keyboard.

This keyboard is fixed in the fold screen.  At the same time,

you can also use it with unfolded screen.  The weight of this device is less than 1 kg.  

It will run on Microsoft Windows operating system.  It will also get 5G connectivity.
It can be used both vertically and horizontally. 

It has a leather cover over it, as in many diaries.  After folding the screen, it also gets a virtual keyboard.
  It can be folded even after applying the keyboard.
It also has a lock / unlock button and volume rockers like the phone. 

Plates of carbon fiber and mixed alloys have been used in making it.  Which makes it stronger.

> It has Intel's Lakefield processor.  It also works to save battery life with speed.

> 8GB RAM and 1TB of onboard storage is also provided.  It also has 4G / 5G SIM card try

> It has a fast charging battery, which gives a backup of 50 hours.

> 5 megapixel web cam is given.  Dolby speakers have been given.  It has 2 USB C-type ports.

> An active pen is also being given.  That is, you will be able to do many things like writing, drawing with the help of a pen.

> Leather cover also has a kick stand.  That is, you can watch a video on it then stand it.

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