Iran celebrating breakdown: Latest bbc news on iran News live update ~ Ikhabrinews

Iran celebrating breakdown: Latest bbc news on iran News live update

 Iran celebrating breakdown of ties with US, showed Statue of Liberty broken

  • It is 40 years since Iran-American relations ended on Monday, named the embassy a den of spies.

  •  Embassy opened to common people, pictures show America as warlike and world as fistful

 Ikhabri news
 Nov, 2019,

 Tehran.  Iran is preparing to celebrate 40 years of its break-up with the US on Monday.  Some new paintings against America have been placed on the walls of the old American embassy.  The embassy has been renamed by Iran as the Spies' Cave and now converted into a museum.  New paintings on the walls show America as war-loving and the world bent on fistfighting.

 Major General Hussein Salami, head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, opened these new wall paintings to the general public.  These pictures are painted in the colors of the American flag. General Salami alleged that the US used nuclear weapons twice in 1945 in Japan.  Still other countries, especially Iran, were barred from taking advantage of the civil nuclear program.  Iran ended relations with the US in 1980.

 There are pictures on the walls
 A picture shows the broken hand holding the torch of the Statue of Liberty.  The statue of the statue on the wall was haunted.  One depicts the triangle Ioff Providence's triangle shown on the back of the US dollar bill in blood.  Skulls are floating in it.  Another image shows the American drone, which was shot down by Iran in June.  The fourth image contains an Iranian plane, which was accidentally shot down by the US on 3 July 1988.  290 people were killed in it.

Iraq's  US rocket attack

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