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iran latest military news: latest bbc news on iran

Iraq's  US rocket attack killed Iran's popular general Qasim, supreme leader Khamani said- We will take revenge

  • General Qasim, head of Iran's special army and Abu Mahdi, commander of Iran-backed organization, were killed in the US attack

  •  General Qasim is close to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, Trump recently blacklisted him

  •  US takes action on General Qasim 48 hours after Iran-backed mob attack on his Embassy in Baghdad

  •  After the attack, the White House said - General Qasim was plotting to kill American diplomats in the Middle East

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 Jan  2020

 Baghdad. US drones attacked with a rocket at Baghdad Airport in Iraq late Thursday.  It killed 8 people, including General Qasim Sulemani, the head of Iran's Elite Quds army and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, commander of Iraq's Iran-backed Organization for Popular Mobilization Force (PMF).  Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said - We will avenge General Suleimani's death.  He said- Suleimani's death doubled the protest against the US-Israel.  There will be three days of mourning in the country.

 It is reported that Deputy Brigadier General Ismail Ghani has been appointed as the new commander in place of Sulaimani.  Earlier, the White House said - General Qasim was plotting to kill American diplomats in the Middle East and soldiers in Iraq.  On the instructions of President Trump, the US military killed General Qasim to protect his soldiers.  He was the head of the Quds Force of Iran's Special Forces Revolutionary Guard.  It is a terrorist organization for America. Meanwhile, Iran appointed Ismail Kani as the new chief of the Quds army, warning the US of revenge.

 US Embassy said - Citizens leave Iraq as soon as possible

 Following the death of General Qasim, Iraq's rebel Shi'ite forces have asked their fighters to be ready.  The US embassy in Baghdad has advised citizens to leave Iraq as soon as possible.  The statement issued from the embassy said that American citizens should move to other countries by road as soon as possible.  Simultaneously, Iraq's Counter-Terrorism Force was entrusted with the security of the embassy.

 US attacked with MQ-9 drone
 General Qasim arrived in Baghdad Airport on Thursday night from Syria.  Officials of his supporting Shia organization reached to pick him up near the plane.  General Qasim in one car and Muhandis, head of the Shia army, in the other.  As the two cars exited the airforce, in the dark of night, the American MQ-9 drone fired missiles at it.

 Iran's Supreme Leader Said - Will Take Hard Revenge From General Qasim's Killers

 Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei announced a three-day mourning over the death of General Qasim.  He said, "The culprits involved in the killing of Kasim and others will be severely avenged."  All friends and enemies know that this fight will continue and a firm victory awaits our Mujahideen on the way.  General Qasim wanted him to get martyrdom and finally Allah gave him that status. "

 America's move is international terror.  General Qasim was the most influential force against ISIS and al-Qaeda.  This is a stupid and dangerous step to increase America's tension.  America itself will be responsible for this evil action.
 Iran's Foreign Minister Javed Zarif

 Trump said - Iran will have to pay for the attack on the embassy

 The American embassy in Baghdad was attacked by an Iran-backed mob on Tuesday.  After this, the US President had said that Iran would have to pay a huge price if there was a loss of life and property on American facilities.  Trump said that this is not a warning, but a threat.  Only 48 hours after his statement, the US military killed the Iranian commander.

 On the other hand, the US Ministry of Defense said that General Qasim and his Quds army were responsible for the deaths of thousands of American and coalition forces in Iraq.  His army also wounded many more thousand people.  Trump posted a picture of the American flag on Twitter after the military's action.

 PMF is part of Iraq's security forces
 According to a spokesman for Iran-backed organization PMF, 5 of its soldiers have died in the attack.  The organization had previously suspected Israel for the attack.  The PMF is a faction of Shia fighters.  It is officially included in Iraqi security forces.  Mahundis, who was killed in the rocket attack, was the deputy head of this organization.  He was blacklisted by the Trump administration for going against the US military in Iraq.

 Action on US Embassy two days later

 The PMF also claimed to be the hand of the US or Israel behind the attack.  The attack on Iran and Iraqi military forces comes two days after the Iran-backed mob attack on the US embassy.  On 31 December, some Iran-backed protesters broke the embassy gates and set fire to the outside.  After this, US President Donald Trump said that Iran will have to pay a huge price for the loss of life and property of Americans.

 America is targeting Iran-backed organization in Iraq

 The US is currently targeting Iran-backed Qatab Hezbollah rebels in Iraq.  On Sunday, 25 fighters of this organization were killed in American Airstrike.  The US says that it carried out the attack to avenge the death of the American civilian contractor in Iraq.  However, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi had said that the US air strike is a violation of the country's autonomy.  The leader of the Qatab Hezbollah warned the US to bear the brunt of the attack.

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