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latest BBC news on Iran Today update

Iraq US embassy attacked by a mob, Trump says Iran responsible for it;  He has to pay a big price

  • The mob tried to barge into the US embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday, forcing the army to release tear gas shells to stop them.

  •  In Iraq, 25 people of the extremist organization were killed on Sunday in the US Airstrike, the crowd demonstrated in front of the embassy.

  •  US Defense Minister Mike Esper announced the sending of 750 soldiers to Iraq after the embassy attack


 Jan 2020,

 Baghdad  Donald Trump blamed Iran for the mob attack on the US Embassy in Iraq.  Trump threatened Iran just before the New Year, saying, "If American facilities suffer from loss of life and property, Iran will pay a big price."  This is a warning, not a threat. ”Just after Trump's tweet, US Defense Minister Mark Esper announced that 750 US troops would be deployed to the Middle East region as soon as possible.  He said that America will protect its people and their interests in any corner of the world.

 Protesters were upset with the killing of rebels in American Airstrike

 Recently, the US launched an air raid on the bases of Iran-backed rebel organizations in Iraq.  In protest, on Tuesday, the mob targeted the US embassy.  The mob set fire to a guard post and walked across the reception area at the compound.  After this, American soldiers had to drop tear gas shells on the protesters.

 America is targeting Iran-backed organization in Iraq

 The US is currently targeting Iran-backed Qatab Hezbollah rebels in Iraq.  On Sunday, 25 fighters of this organization were killed in American Airstrike.  The US says that it attacked to avenge the death of the American civilian contractor in Iraq.

 However, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi had said that the US airstrike is a violation of the country's autonomy.  The leader of Qatar Hezbollah also warned the US to bear the brunt of the attack.

 Iraq's prime minister warns protester
 Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi asked people to leave the embassy after hours of protests.
 He said,

 "Any attack on the embassy and foreign delegation will be stopped by the security forces and those who do so will be punished according to the law."  Trump said in the tweet, "Iran killed an American contractor and left many injured."  Now Iran is attacking our Iraq embassy.  He will be held fully responsible.  We hope Iraq will protect our embassy.

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