latest bbc news on iran: After all, why do America-Iran fight; Only increased tension ~ Ikhabrinews

latest bbc news on iran: After all, why do America-Iran fight; Only increased tension

latest bbc news on iran: After all, why do America-Iran fight;  Only increased tension

After all, why do America-Iran fight;  If stress increases, not just oil, 80 lakh Indians will be in danger

  • Iranian commander killed by world's biggest news in first week of new year

  •  Understand from 6 points the hostility between Iran and America standing at the mouth of war

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 Jan 2020

 A decades-old dispute between America and Iran has rekindled.  On Thursday, the US has killed top Iranian commander Qasim Sulemani through an air strike in Iraq.  Tensions have deepened in the Gulf region after this incident.  It will affect India as well as the whole world.  Crude prices rose four per cent only after the attack on Friday as an immediate effect.

 Iran is important to India in many ways.  India is followed by China, which buys the most oil from Iran.  Not only this, 8 million Indians are working in West Asia.  Most of them are in Gulf countries.  If there is an emergency like war, then it will be a big challenge to bring these people back from this region.  However, in military capability, Iran ... does not stop anywhere compared to the US.  Despite this, if there is a conflict with arms, there can be panic in the Gulf countries again.  The US has already asked its citizens to leave Iraq.  Not only this, Britain has also increased the security of its military bases in the Middle East.

 Experts are also looking at the US attack by linking it to the US election.  America also has elections this year.  However, the current President Trump's attitude has always been against Iran.  He broke the nuclear deal signed by the Obama administration as soon as he came to power.  Indeed, relations between the US and Iran have never been cordial.  Relations between the two countries have been poor for decades due to varying incidents.  If there is a war between the United States and Iran, India will be the most affected among the Asian countries.

  India's geo-strategic and geo-political situation will deteriorate.  The reason is that India has good relations with both countries.  Iran is very important for India politically.  In such a situation, he will have to bear the brunt of evil in standing with one nation.  As the war progresses, the chances of superpowers like China and Russia will also come in favor and opposition which will give terrible shape to the circumstances.

 1. What is the latest dispute between America and Iran?

 The US on Friday killed General Qasim Sulemani, the powerful commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, in an airstrike.  The attack took place at the International Airport in Baghdad.  Sulaimani was called the creator of Iran's regional security weapons.  This move by the US has increased the tension in both the countries as well as the Gulf region.

 2. What will be the impact on India?  Oil will be expensive

 India is followed by China, which buys the most crude oil from Iran.  India buys 38 percent of its oil from Saudi Arabia and Iran.  If this crisis escalates, Iran can stop Tej's ships passing through its territory, the effect will be that worldwide there will be a shortage of crude oil and prices will start skyrocketing.

 Citizens will be in danger
 India has the highest number of Shia Muslims in the world after Iran.  Relations between the two countries are cordial.  But when a war-like situation comes, the citizens will be the most affected.  Eight million Indians live / work in West Asia.  War can endanger them.  As it happened during the Gulf War.  India then airlifted 1.10 lakh Indians.

 3. Understand the four big events ... Why are these two countries fighting?

 1953 - Coup: This was the year when hostilities began.  The US intelligence agency CIA, along with Britain, executed a coup in Iran.  Elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadik was removed and handed over power to Shah Raza Pahlavi of Iran.  The main reason for this was - oil.  Mossadik wanted to nationalize the oil industry.

 1979 - Iranian Revolution: A new leader emerged in Iran - Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.  Ayatollah was strongly against westernization and Iran's dependence on America.  Shah Pahlavi was his target.  Under Khomeini's leadership, discontent began to develop in Iran.  The Shah had to leave Iran.  On 1 February 1979, Khomeini returned from exile.

 1979–81 - Embassy crisis: Iran and US diplomatic relations were over.  Iranian students captured the American embassy in Tehran.  52 US citizens were held hostage for 444 days.  In 2012, the Hollywood film-Argo appeared on the subject.  Meanwhile, Iraq attacked Iran with the help of America.  The war lasted eight years.

 2015 - Nuclear agreement: The relationship between the two countries started to improve a little while Obama was the US President.  A nuclear deal was reached with Iran, in which Iran talked of limiting the nuclear program.  Instead, some of the economic restrictions imposed on it were relaxed.  But Trump ended the deal after becoming president.  The enmity started again.

 4. Is the attack related to the US election?

 The war has always had an impact on the American election.  A 2003 study on the Iraq invasion and the 2004 presidential election was revealed.  Mission Accomplished: The Wartime Election of 2004.  Elections were scheduled in the US in 2004.  In 2003, Bush decided to attack Iraq.  According to the researchers - Bush won this election 'because of war'.

 The US has launched an airstrike on Baghdad at a time when preparations for the presidential election in America are in full swing.  America has elections this year.  Let me tell you, Donald Trump had tweeted on 29 November 2011 that then US President Barack Obama can start a war with Iran to win the election again.

 5. What has happened so far?

 1. The US Embassy in Baghdad has asked its citizens to leave Iraq immediately.
 2. Britain has also increased the security of its military bases in the Middle East.
 3. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has left his tour of Greece and returned to his country.
 4. Crude prices have increased by 4 percent.

 6. Military capability of both countries

 US strength Iranian strength military capacity 12.81 lakh 5.23 lakh power (tanks, vehicles, cannons) 48422 --- 8577 Water power (ships, submarines etc.) 415--398 Air power (aircroft, helicopters) 10170--512 missiles 0712 Defense budget $ 716 billion  6.3 billion dollars

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 How important and justified is the assassination of Iranian commander Qasim Sulemani, but Donald Trump is just like an unannounced war.  Sulaimani cannot be compared to Osama bin Laden or Baghdadi.  He was assassinated because he was in Baghdad, and was said to have encroached upon the US embassy in Baghdad, as it was in the seventh decade in Tehran.  On December 27, a US contractor was killed in a rocket attack.  A few weeks ago, there was a massive attack on an oil field in Saudi Arabia.  Iran was convicted for that.

 Despite all these reasons, this American action cannot be justified in the eyes of international law.  Trump has to win the election.  This work will make him a great figure in the eyes of Americans, but permanent members of the Security Council like China, Russia and France have expressed deep concern.  It is believed that Iran will not live without its revenge.  West Asia may be in the grip of petty war.  This incident has increased India's concern because India has good relations with both America and Iran.
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